SOLD -The Shadow – Bally – NOS – $1500 – SOLD

SOLD – Who Knows! The Shadow Knows! He knows that your machine probably needs this amazing NOS playfield because lets be honest, even the nicest of Shadow machines out there still has some of that wear at the sanctum, and likely in the ball drop area of the right inlane as well. A playfield that has been reproduced in recent years, but nothing can quite perfect the matched colors on this original NOS machine. The Shadow is the machine I still consider to be the best layout and peak rules of any 90s era Bally/Williams DMD machine. It may not surpass CFTBL for me in the fun department, but as far as quality I don’t think they get any better than this. 3 flippers, 4 ramps, and a wicked cool upper playfield, The Shadow uses a magnet better than any other game in history, all while having one of the best layouts ever, and somehow it includes 0 pop bumpers, one of only a handful of pinball machines in history to leave this mechanism out. Don’t miss your chance to get to the Sanctum smoother than ever with this NOS playfield installed into your machine! – SOLD

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