Corvette – Bally – NOS – $1000

Is there anything sweeter than revving the engine on a corvette, and taking a good looking blonde cruising down the highway? Based on the art on this amazing NOS playfield I think installing this into your Corvette Pinball machine may be the only thing that is better! One of George Gomez’s earliest designs this machine shows his love of the classic Corvettes, and modern thoughts about pinball layouts and design. A machine that is pursued by car collectors and pinball enthusiast alike, it is seldom you can find a NOS version of this playfield. There are reproductions out there, and although I am very thankful there are companies making playfields to save these games, we all know that nothing competes with NOS. This playfield will need drilled and dimpled, both of which are services I can provide, in addition to my clear coating that can be added on. Let me know if you have any interest in purchasing this playfield and getting it your machine tuned up to play like it did the day it left the factory!

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