Geiger- Lady Death Playfield- NOS- $1500-Rare

Here is another really rare item, retheme playfield from Geiger called Lady Death that works with Mata Hari. The backglasses come in mirrored and standard as well. Just like the Space Rider playfield the Lady Death playfield has no planking or cupped inserts. This playfield is also already drilled and dimpled and is ready for installation. The game is designed to retheme a Mata Hari. There are only a couple of these known to exist around the globe at this time. As with most rare playfields I do recommend my clearcoat services to help preserve them if you plan to install in a machine, but if you just plan to get it as a wall decoration then just have it shipped in one of my custom crates to ensure it arrives safely. This playfield runs $1500 and if you have any questions please let me know.

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