Avatar – Stern – NOS – $800

With the sequels just starting to hit the movie theaters Avatar the pinball machine is receiving a bit of a renaissance! This game hit just before the latest pinball boom but I really think it laid some of the groundwork of what we have all been experiencing over the last couple of years! This game had an LE release, but the playfields between the two versions didn’t have nearly as many differences as the pro vs LE games of today. It was mostly cabinet bling and a ceramic ball rule on the LE. The artwork while very blue goes with the theme well, and it has some simplistic yet fun to shoot mechs. My local arcade had this game on the floor for years and I can honestly say I miss playing it as it could kick your ass one game and you could blow it up the next one. It always kept me coming back for more attempting to complete all the modes in one ball to get to the wizard mode. Anyway here is your chance to own one for yourself and as always I’m happy to add my clearcoating service to this that will make it last a lifetime!