Flash Gordon – Bally – CPR – $1075

You’ll be the savior of your pins universe if you purchase this CPR Flash Gordon playfield and then have me add my clearcoat services to it! Largely considered the toughest playing classic Bally title in existence this game is pure pinball fun at its finest. Inline drop targets, spinners, upper playfield, two ramps, 3 exits off the playfield, a sound package that modern sound designers still draw inspiration from Flash Gordon truly is the total package of pinball glory. Get this playfield, have me clearcoat it, install it, get your ass kicked, press the start button and come back for more! You can’t let Emperor Meng win, he must be destroyed! But in all seriousness there is not better game to restore than a Flash Gordon and that is why the playfield has gone out of stock from CPR on multiple occasions and this is your chance to score one!