The Hobbit – JJP – NOS – $1200

The Hobbit, the magnum opus of JJP games. A game that took forever to produce, even longer to update, and then even longer before people recognized it’s greatness. This game quite possibly incorporates a licensed theme better than any game that has come before it or after it. The sound package is absolutely amazing, it gets you so engrossed in the gameplay that you feel like you are actually in Middle Earth. Be that as it may it is still a JJP playfield produced by Mirco, and as a result it is basically a roll fo the dice if yours is going to hold up log term or not. Don’t take that risk, purchase this, have me add my clear coat to it, and make sure your game will be one that lasts not just your lifetime, but a Middle Earth Elf lifetime! $1200 for the playfield, and again feel free to ask about adding my clearcoat services!