Geiger Space Rider- NOS- $1100-RARE

This is a very rare Geiger Space Rider NOS pinball playfield. It is part of a conversion kit that was made in Germany in the 1980s to convert Bally Harlem Globetrotters into a space age sci-fi theme, something that would earn a bit better than American basketball entertainment team at the time in Germany.

Considering the age this playfield is still in amazing condition, there is no planking, the inserts are not cupped, and there is no warpage of the playfield in any way.

This playfield can be drilled and dimpled as well, and of course I can always add my clearcoat services as well. With an item this rare and unique I would actually go so far as to recommend my drill, dimple, & clearcoat if you plan to install it in a machine, but if you are just purchasing it as a unique and rare wall decoration or collectible skip the clearcoat and just spring for shipping in one of my custom crates to insure that it arrives to your doorstep safely. The playfield does come with a complete set of plastics as well for the $1100 price tag, if you do not plan to install in machine and would be interested in purchasing just the playfield I could let it go for $1000.

Backglasses will also be available for this title from if you are looking to complete kit and install in a Harlem machine.

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