Safecracker – Bally – NOS – $1500 – Kruzman Cleared

One of the most unique pinball machines every designed, and done by none other than the master himself Pat Lawlor we all know this is a game that has notoriously beat up playfields due to smaller areas of travel, high use the machines received, and the weight of all the mechs packed into this tiny space! The only game in the modern area to have a payout prize! I’ve personally won tokens from one of these at the Texas Pinball Festival on three occasions and I won’t lie, it is probably the second best high in pinball for me! Such a great innovative design, and the perfect game for collectors running out of space. You don’t see this playfield as NOS often so don’t miss out on your chance to pick this one up now and oh yeah did I mention it already has my clearcoat on it! It is going to last longer than you or me!