Custom Shipping Crates

These crates are custom built to ship your newly restored playfields to you in perfect condition. They are super heavy duty, they can hold two playfields and include half inch thick sheets of foam for packing so that there is no movement within the crate. They are designed to make over 12 round trips across the country. There has not been one damaged playfield in 13 years when shipped using one of my crates.

The Price for a crate and packing is $70.  Shipping is additional. Usually one playfield is $70 anywhere in the country, or $80 for two playfields. I can also ship playfields anywhere in the world please reach out if you need something shipped outside the U.S. and we can figure out the details together.

Shippers insurance will rarely reimburse the cost of a playfield and definitely not one that has been cleared and tweaked. My experience is they see it as a chunk of plywood and they always claim you didn’t package it well enough. The shipping crate saves you the insurance cost and a claim that they wouldn’t pay anyway. I have never had one come even close to failing in over a decade of use. Save yourself some stress and sleep like a baby knowing your Kruzman playfield is coming to you in the safest way possible.