Deadpool Pro – Stern – NOS – $900

When this title got announced I didn’t think much of it as a theme, but holy hell has this been the sleeper hit for Stern in the last 5 years. I don’t know if there is a machine that I have more fun playing from Stern than Deadpool, and the freaking Katana ramp shot, and the Snikt shot just go to show that Gomez has a lot left in the design tank, and the ruleset to this machine is damn near perfect. This game is up there with World Cup Soccer for me as an absolute must game for a location and one that I encourage new players to try. Imagine how fast and smooth that Katana shot will be if you add my clearcoat to this one! I’m asking $900 OBO on this one, and if you are interested in my clearcoating services please reach out so we can discus!

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