The Rolling stones – Bally- CPR – Kruzman Cleared – $1375

My Papa was a Rolling Stone. And man I wish he had given me one of these machines! The Rolling Stones I think is one of Bally’s most underrated titles, and one that you just don’t see very often. The playfield are is spectacular and vibrant. It is the only game I know of that has a post that scores, and is a feature I still can’t believe wasn’t replicated into other games. I at one point had a playfield for this title that was fully assembled and I strongly regret selling it. Perhaps one day I’ll get another and when I do you should have already bought this playfield so I can’t. Haha this is from CPR’s original run and I have already added my clearcoat service to it. This beauty is cured and ready for installation, buy today, install tomorrow, play next week! $1375 and I would also recommend shipping this in one of my amazing Kruzman Crates. Any questions just let me know.