Monopoly – STern – NOS – Kruzman Cleared – $1300

If you don’t buy this playfield to make your Monopoly look like it belongs on in a house on Boardwalk then do not pass go, do not collect $200, and instead take your ass straight to JAIL! Seriously though another Pat Lawlor design here that regardless of popular opinion is one of the best earning pins out at any location if you talk to operators. This title is universally understood by the public, and it has a very deep ruleset for the era. It features some classic designed Lawlor shots like the upper flipper ramp and saucers to start modes. Honestly this layout isn’t a bit of a combination of TAF and Whirlwind, and while I wont sit here and say it is a better game than either of those I will day it is damn fun and I can’t imagine playing one with a Kruzman Cleared playfield installed. Don’t miss your chance to get this one especially considering it is another title not likely to get reproduction.