Road Show – Williams – NOS – $1300

Just when you thought the creep factor of Rudy in Funhouse couldn’t be topped, Pat Lawlor brings you Red and Ted in Road Show! The two talking head that serve as physical mechs on this machine make it iconic, and instantly recognizable by even the most basica of pinball enthusiasts. With a country music soundtrack, a new code updated that recently came out, and the strongest shaker motor ever used in a pinball machine you know that Road Show brings the fun, and not better way to be played that with this smooth, fast, beautiful NOS playfield installed in your machine. One of the most mechanically packed machines ever made, we all know this one took a beating in the arcades, and its about time you upgraded your machine just like we need to upgrade the roads in the midwest after the winter. Don’t miss your chance to get this playfield as the talk of reproductions seems to have frozen over the winter. Reach out to me with questions about adding my clear coating and drill and dimple services as well!

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