SOLD – Champion Pub – Williams – NOS – $1100 -SOLD

SOLD – Talk about a timeless theme, and a hell of a unique layout, Champion Pub comes packed with never before seen mechanisms as your work your way up the rankings to become the best boxed in the pub! This game was really throwing everything at the wall, with bash toys, speed bags, and jump rope mechanisms and it captures the true fighting spirit of early pugilists. This is one of the few titles I have yet to own, but every time I play it on location I have a blast, if it wasn’t for that dastardly unbalanced scoring from the video mode I know I’d definitely add this to the collection, but enough about me, lets get back to making your machine look like it truly deserves to be the Champion of your collection. No better way to get into tip top fighting shape than to install this masterpiece of a NOS playfield. As always I can definitely add my clear coating services and provide the drill and dimple service as needed on this very rare NOS playfield. Please reach out to discuss if you want to bring this playfield home! -SOLD

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