SOLD – The Addams Family GOLD – Bally – NOS – $2000 – SOLD

SOLD HOLY GRAIL! That is all I can think when I realized what this playfield is exactly. The dead giveaway is missing Diamond Plate text in the right outlane area. You can also tell by the different tone to the carpet pattern leading to the train shot as well. You will absolutely not find another one of these playfields as a NOS. Yes there are reproductions out there, but not of this. If you have a TAF GOLD this is probably your only chance to ever score on of these playfields. It will need drilled and dimpled, I can provide this service, and I strongly strongly strongly recommend adding my clearcoat to this playfield to make sure your TAF GOLD lasts forever! Please reach out to me with interests and questions about this playfield! SOLD

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