SOLD -Tales of the Arabian Nights – Williams – NOS -$1900-SOLD

SOLD-Did you just rub a genie lamp and wish for a NOS playfield for your TOTAN? It seems you did and your wish has been granted. One of the most beautiful and popular pinball machines of the late 90s TOTAN is a fun shooter, with one of the most beautiful and outlandish over the top artwork, sound, and animation packages ever crammed into a pinball machine. The colors pop, the shots flow, and the Genie is there to get bashed. This title features some amazing mechanisms, and just continues to rise and rise in popularity and value. Yes this game has had reproduction playfields made, but a NOS is your best chance to have your game play like it was intended to. This playfield will still need drilled and dimpled, but that is a service I can provide in addition to my clear coating services. Again if you want to make your game truly shine, this is the best way to go. Please take the time to reach out to me to discuss your interest in getting this playfield into your home. -SOLD

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