SOLD – Indianapolis 500 – Bally – NOS – $1200 – SOLD

SOLD – Start your engines! Shoot the turbo Bobby! Some of my favorite callouts on a machine, informative and yet taunting as you miss that lock shot again and again. This game is a hit all around the midwest, but especially in Indiana where it is the prized machine in many peoples collections. A frequent victim of ball drop wear in the right inlane from the ball launch, your playfield could likely benefit from this upgrade! One you don’t see come up often, and very unlikely to be remade, don’t miss this opportunity to grab the checkered flag and get your Indy 500 to the finish line! This playfield does have a few small imperfections on it, but nothing that isn’t easily touched up before adding in my clear coating services. It will also still need drilled and dimpled, a service I can provide, or if you don’t mind the work can just be done as you are installing it into your machine. – SOLD

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