Jack*Bot – Williams – NOS – $1200

So you want to hit the casino and make a run for grand prize? Jack*Bot is the only way to go. The third title in the Pin*Bot trilogy, and widely regarded as the best in the series, Jack*Bot takes the old Pin*Bot layout and modernizes the rules and DMD display to make on the best sleeper hits of the mid-90s. This game is fast and furious, and as an early work of Lyman Sheets it has some of the greatest risk/reward code sets ever made. Jack*Bot is the love child of Pin*Bot and the Bride of Pin*Bot and it really did an amazing job of melding all the love of those two titles into this perfect creation for the modern era of pinball. On top of that I have literally never seen another one of these NOS playfields come up for sale so this one to me at least seems very rare. This like most of these NOS playfields will still need to be drilled and dimples, a service that I can provide, and additionally I can add my perfected Clear Coat to make sure this playfield out lasts you and me, and hell maybe even the real robots that will one day take over our planet. Reach out to me to discuss this playfield if you are interested in making your Jack*Bot the finest one in existence

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