SOLD-Demolition Man – Bally – NOS – $1350-SOLD

SOLD-A sleeper hit film in the 90s, gave us the breakout performance of Sandra Bullock, Rocky as a cop in the future frozen from the past, Wesley Snipes as a criminal from the past playing his arch nemesis, and a future that seems all but far far to improbable nowadays somehow delivered us this amazing fun pinball machine designed by Dennis Nordman. Look if you don’t know what the three shells are for, don’t ask. This playfield is NOS and in amazing shape. I think this is the fastest and flowiest of all the widebody machines out there, and do to licensing issues with this particular title I think it is incredibly unlikely you are ever going to see reproductions of this title done, so here is your one chance to make your machine factory fresh by buying and installing this beauty. I can add on my drill and dimble service as well as my perfected clear coat. Get your gun handles chromed out, new ramps are coming in the near future, and install this beautiful playfield and you’ll feel just as good as Stallone and Bullock after putting the flower wreaths on your head! – SOLD

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