SOLD – Star Trek: The Next Generation – Bally – NOS – PROTOTYPE – $1000 – SOLD

SOLD – Talk about a piece of history! You could travel the galaxy, universe, hell even the multiverse and likely not find another one of these playfields at this point. Easily distinguished by its large Neutral Zone hole in the playfield, this playfield can be modified to work in a production STTNG machine with a little bit of carpentry. Another machine from the widebody SuperPin era this one is coveted by collectors of Star Trek memorabilia and pinheads alike. It has great art, amazing shots, and a rule set that keeps you coming back for more and more. Another loaded machine with ramps, subways, staged balls, freaking cannons! It doesn’t get much better than the heyday of Bally/Williams than a NOS Prototype STTNG playfield going into your machine! I can drill and dimple this playfield for you, as well as provide my clear coating services if you have the patience to wait. If not this playfield can still be used. Please reach out to me to discuss purchasing, and what services you would like to be included. SOLD

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