SOLD – Judge Dredd – Bally – NOS – $900 – SOLD

SOLD Don’t do the crime, unless you can do the time. It would be a massive crime to not install this NOS Judge Dredd into your machine. The game many consider to be the most underrated title in Bally/Williams widebody SuperPin Series, Judge Dredd deserves your attention, or he will take you out just like the sniper in the tower! This game has it all, 4 flippers, 4 ramps, VUK, captive balls, subways, orbits, kickbacks, a freaking rotating planet that locks balls and a damn crane! Can you imagine what manufacturers would charge to make a game this loaded in 2021?! Add in a great rule set, a second game included with the Super Game option, and a machine that has more mods available than almost any other out there it is a title unlikely to leave your collection soon so you may as well make it as close to factory perfect as possible! This one will need drilled and dimpled, a service that I can provide, and as always let me know if you would like me to add the Kruzman Clear Coating services as well! Remember this is a factory NOS playfield with mylar already installed. SOLD

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