SOLD-Scared Stiff – Bally – NOS – $1850-SOLD

SOLD-The horror and pinball icon herself, Elvira has never looked better, and your machine will never look better than after you install this beautiful NOS Scared Stiff playfield! A masterfully designed game by Dennis Nordman, it brings the fun, funny, and flow all together in a package that is hard to beat. You and your friends will have stiff-o-meters off the charts when you see this playfield installed into your machine! What may be the game with the most adult humor ever, Scared Stiff is a classic A title for so many reasons. The beautiful rich and vibrant colors really stand out on this beauty, and although there are a few small print defects these can be easily touched up and perfected before I clearcoat it for you. This playfield has been drilled and dimpled and is ready for install! -SOLD

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