Rocky & Bullwinkle – Data EAst – NOS – $1200

I’ve literally only seen one other Rocky and Bullwinkle playfield available, and it definitely wasn’t this nice! This is one of Data East’s most underrated games. The playfield has such a vibrant color pallet, and the theme is just pure fun! There are some slight scratches on this playfield, but they only go into the laquer clear on the game, and not into the actual ink. This means they will easily polish out, or if you add my clearcoating services they will be sanded out and covered in new clear. I expect this title to just keep climbing in demand in the years to come so don’t miss this chance to pick up a great playfield so the next time a beat up project game pops up near you you’re not afraid to snatch it up! $1200 and as always feel free to ask me about adding my clear coating services to the playfield as well!