SOLD-World Cup Soccer – Bally – NOS – $1500-SOLD

SOLD – The world’s game! Your game! My game! Everyone freaking loves them some World Cup Soccer! If you are ever trying to get a person into pinball this is the machine that I think you should take a new person to. It has some very easy to understand concepts like make a goal, and some great deeper rules like traveling to the cities and getting to the World Cup Championship! Plus it has a cute freaking dog on the backglass, and a beautiful official on the playfield. The goalie mech, the spinning soccer ball, and the magnetic ball lock all combine to make this game one of the most fun pinball experiences you can ever have. Chalk in the fact that this playfield can’t be reproduced because of licensing issues good luck freaking finding another one. This playfield will need drilled and dimpled, and I strongly recommend my clear coating services as this thing will be the fastest playing pitch around the globe! SOLD

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