SOLD – Who Dunnit? – Bally – NOS – $1100 – SOLD

SOLD – A classic board game, turned into a iconic film, converted into a pinball machine that didn’t want to pay for licensing haha. Everyone and their grandma knows that Who Dunnit is really just Clue! While the name may not be there the fun certainly is as you work your way through this 1940s murder mystery inspired tale all while flipping away on a pinball machine. This game is often underappreciated for how unique it is as it truly brought a new way to tell a story and to play the game to pinball players. This playfield does have a slight twist to it but nothing that won’t be fixed once the parts and rails are applied, you can even screw it flat to some brace boards before you get to swapping it it makes you feel better. Definitely a title that won’t be getting a reproduction run, don’t miss this opportunity to catch this NOS playfield, and solve the crime of the beat up original that’s currently sitting in your machine. I can provide clear coating, drilling, and dimpling services as needed as well. – SOLD

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