SOLD – Theatre of Magic – Bally – NOS – $2000 – SOLD

SOLD – What many consider to be one of the most beautiful machines made in the 90s, Theatre of Magic may be John Popadiuk’s masterpiece. A game loaded with mechs and features, and one of the coolest themes imaginable ToM is a prized piece in almost anyone’s collection. So many people go above and beyond in trimming this machine out in brass or gold plating, colorDMD, and other special mods, but the reality is if you haven’t upgraded to a NOS playfield, what is the point. All that other stuff is doing is distracting you from what you know the real problem is and that is your playfield. Sure it is a lot of work to make the swap, but just like a magician, once the trick is done you and your friends will be left with your mind blown by how amazing your machine both looks and plays now! This could quite possibly be the last NOS playfield around for ToM and although there are reproductions go and follow a thread of anyone who has installed one of those to see the issues present on those playfields and you’ll immediately know you are better off paying a bit extra for this NOS original. This one is already drilled and dimpled so it would only need to add on my clear coat to be perfected for a life time. On the back there were a couple rusted t-nuts that I removed and they look like crap, but this is easily dealt with, and common but I wanted to show pics so the buyer is aware. A little sanding and some new t-nuts and it is good as new, actually better than new, its NOS! -SOLD

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