SOLD – NBA Fastbreak – Bally – NOS – $1200 – SOLD

SOLD – Wow, talk about a playfield you don’t ever see come up for sale! I imagine not one likely to be reproduced either as licensing the likeness of all these players again would be incredibly difficult. NBA Fastbreak may be one of the most unique and fun layouts ever made, and it really turned 90s pinball on its head with its low scoring format, team trivia, and the absolutely amazing linked head to head play. George Gomez went above and beyond in his design on this machine, and even as someone who isn’t a fan of basketball in general I love every chance I get to step up to this machine! As we know most of these got put into sports bars where they took a beating from the local players, if you have one you are most likely in need of this NOS NBA Fastbreak playfield so reach out and lets discuss getting it to you and my additional services like clear coating and drill and dimple that I can provide. -SOLD

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