SOLD – Attack from Mars – Bally – NOS – Sample/ Prototype – $1900-SOLD

“This is an emergency broadcast: the Earth is being invaded by flying saucers from Mars!” This is what you will be hearing when you install this beauty into your machine and fire it back up for the first time. A title so popular not only did they reproduce playfields for it, they freaking remade the entire machine! Just like anything that gets remade though, we all know the original is better. There aren’t many, if any of these left floating around, so don’t miss this opportunity to get this NOS playfield invaded into your machine! This playfield is already drilled and dimpled, but I will sand and seal the back to make sure it remains perfect for generations to come. It also appears to be an early production or prototype version of the playfield do to the colors on the 1 in square inserts on the upper right. Please reach out to me to discuss how we can get you this playfield, and make your game shine like one of those damn Martian Spaceships!

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